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by three groups off the peninsula and loss of a substation in san francisco could create much instability and affect reliability of the system. embarcadero currently supplying power from the mid-market substations and through those soils. repair could take eight hours to several weeks. maintaining the embarcadero station is critical to the san francisco downtown and waterfront region. the system of reliability was raised during the study interview with pg&e in november 2011 and pg&e followed up with the council getting support to ada third connection to the embarcadero station with this going to the portero substation and improve system reliability particularly into the downtown area in a major earthquake and allow pg&e more flexibility with work and unexpected equipment outages. they gave three routes and options to provide feedback and you can see from the box, the green, red and blue routes so pg&e is continuing to work with the city and the project design and the approval process and hopes to begin work in 2014 or 2015. so looking ahead we will be completing the life line interde
at the super bowl but instead looks like he is going to be staying in san francisco. the reason? take a look. >> i haven't decided that yet. i think, given that the giants won on the road without me, you know, i always have the superstition phil that i don't want to jinx anything and i also want to pay attention to what's happening in san francisco. >> reporter: that might be a good idea considering the mayhem that followed the giants world series win. >> but you'll see me very visible in those areas myself preceding the game. i want to walk those corridors again and reassure all the small business owners and merchants and residents we are going to do everything possible to keep our city safe. >> reporter: one thing you won't be seeing is the jumbotron outside city hall. >> we made a request but the nfl i think because of the night-ness of the game, probably better that we don't so we won't do that. >> reporter: still, the twin victories of a giants world series win coupled with a 49ers super bowl trip has san francisco mayor ed lee enjoying the bes
will not be facing charges related to sexual assault. that word coming from the san francisco district attorney's office moments ago. earlier this month a woman accused crabtree of assaulting her at the "w" hotel in san francisco. police have completed their investigation and they filed the case to the d.a. moments ago, d.a. george gascon said, following a review of all the evidence, my office has determined that no charges will be filed against michael crabtree at this time." >>> san francisco police are gearing up for a citywide super bowl party. and while they prepare for what could be a rowdy post-game, coach harbaugh is keeping his focus on the here and now. we have team coverage tonight starting with cbs 5 reporter len ramirez in santa clara. len. >> reporter: exactly right, ken. as the 49ers get ready to leave for new orleans, it seems there aren't enough hours in the day for everything that needs to be done for the team and right in the middle of it all is coach jim harbaugh, a hardman to catch up with. bursting into the greatness of the super bowl s
plenty of cash to get themselves 49ers fashion. gold san francisco jackets going for 130d. jerseys for 50. other gear for whatever you're willing to spend. >>> we have team coverage of the lead up to san francisco's 6th super bowl appearance. ken bastida is with the fans. but first len ramirez shows us how the 9ers new stadium is becoming ground zero for sports renaissance and sorts. len. >> reporter: that is right. the city of santa clara has been the home of the 49ers training facility since the 1980s. but in a couple years the 49ers will complete their transition to the south bay. >> the bars on broadway will always be full of the 49er faith 68 -- faithful. but p they win the lombardy trophy will come home. >> brand new stadium out here. brand new in santa clara. >> santa clara is the 49ers future in everything but the name. >> we will let the police pay for it and take care of and
, the san francisco 49ers are on their way to atlanta for sunday's nfc championship game against the falcons. they boarded a delta air lines charter jet late this afternoon in san jose after one last workout at their facility. one player almost missed the bus, literally. >> reporter: that's right. this is a big game, a big stadium going up behind me in santa clara and almost a big mistake by the team, apparently not noticing that their star receiver was not on the bus. funny thing happened on the way to atlanta. a caravan of niners team buses were lining up, leaving for the airport. a few fans were on hand to give the team a send-off. then the caravan put on the brakes to take on one late- arriving passenger. it was star receiver michael crabtree, might need him on sunday, but the team almost left without him. >> feels like our team is determined, focused, ready to get on a plane and be ready to play a football game. >> reporter: it was a small hitch in an otherwise carefully planned day of final preparations for sunday's nfc championship game.
, good night. a close call in the san francisco bay. an oil tanker bumps up against the bay bridge. and this time-- we were >>> good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >>> a close call in the bay. an oil tanker bumps against the bridge. this time we were lucky. the bring and tanker came out of the collision with minor damage. the overseas lamar hit the tower closest to treasure island on the west i span of the bridge. it happened as the empty vessel was hiding out to see around 11:00 this morning. the coast guard is investigating how it happened. joe is on treasure island with the latest. >> reporter: from our vantage point, you can't quite see the tower that was hit. it's just off to the left obscured by the hill. what huck see are the lights at feet of all towers. bright lights are there to help all ships navigate around them. the lightings were working this morning. the ships also have radar to help them avoid collision and they had an experienced local bar pilot on board. this is a glancing blow to one of the towers. >> this
: profile bide ed murrow in 1958, dear abbey started two yearsallier when she called the editor of the "san francisco chronicle" and told them she could do better than what she just read. her advice ran in 1400 papers worldwide with more than 110 million daily readers. >> the business of living from one day to the next is just monproblem after another, most people just want someone to listen to them. >> reporter: she was often confused with her twin sister who wrote her own column under the name anne landers. the rivalry drove them apart as young adults, though they grew close again in later life, perhaps following their own advice. >> knowing the right thing to do is instinctive. all we need is someone to give us a push in the right direction. >> reporter: every letter sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope received a reply. >> here's from a man who wrote me care of the milwaukee pent nel. his wife doesn't understand him but his bookkeeper does. >> she continued looking at hundreds of letters a day into her 70ss eventually sharing the writing of the column with her daughter. >> what d
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7